Fee's & Pricing

Most of our categories are free, but the premium categories have a publishing fee. 

Please Look at the category fee chart for prices 

Please note that all listing fees will not be returned once the purchase is final. Please email support@connectiondeal.com for more support. 


Live Stock 5$

Live Stock/Animal Services $5

Other 5$

Online Business 

Applications 5$

Business Services 19$


Legal 5$

Lessons 5$


Cars 1$

Cars by Dealer 1$

Motorcycles  5$

Boats-Ships 5$

RVs-Campers-Caravans 5$

Trucks-Commercial Vehicles 5$

Other Vehicles 5$

Real Estate 

Apartments for Rent 9$

Corporate Housing 35$

Business Connect 

Business Franchise 49$